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4 Reasons Why Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

When you're marketing online, you may be focused on how to drive more traffic to your website. Simply measuring traffic alone only tells a small part of the story about your marketing performance. Your bounce rate is measured by the traffic that is actually sticking around your website and can offer a more complete analysis of the success your online marketing efforts.

What's a High Bounce Rate?

Your bounce rate is measured by the percentage of people who come to your website and then leave without clicking onto any other pages of your website.

These types of interactions indicate that a potential customer made it to your website and then wasn't interested in what you had to offer or didn't see what he was looking for. Single-page visitors are something you can't always control but you can strive towards a lower bounce rate.

The average website will see a bounce rate anywhere from 20% to 80%. Anything above 55% is cause for concern. It may be wise to look into re-developing your website or tweaking certain things.

Slow Loading Website

The number one reason your website could have high bounce rates is the time it takes to load your website. Customer become impatient after 3 seconds of loading and waiting.

To reduce the load time on your website, compress your images, take away bold fonts where possible, and consider using limited video content.

Poor Mobile Experience

More than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that a website that isn't user-friendly will cause high bounce rates. Google's algorithm will also penalize you if your website is not mobile friendly.

You may need to hire a web designer to help you make your website mobile friendly.

Lack of SEO

Another relative reason visitors may leave your website is that your site doesn't contain the information they're seeking. When Google and other search engines don't understand what your business is about, the traffic they direct to you often isn't connected to your content.

Poor Web Design

When visitors come to your website, they decide in a couple seconds whether or not they trust your company. You can easily build trust by having an easy to navigate, professional-looking website.

Reducing your bounce rate is an important factor on the long road to increasing your conversion rates. BetterWave is committed to helping you present the most functional website your business needs. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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