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Beating the Instagram Algorithm for Better Reach and More Likes

For years, Instagram was a chronological feed that almost guaranteed engagement as long as you timed your post correctly.

Instagram's users may be able to see older post, but there's no guarantee that they'll ever see your content.

To beat the Instagram algorithm you'll first have to crack the code - literally. You have to create content that resonates with your audience and entices interaction between your followers and your brand.

This blog will give you insights on ways to overcome the algorithm.

#1 Stories

Instagram stories allows users to create and share content that disappears after only 24 hours. While the average business only shares 2.5 stories per week it's something that is over looked.

When using stories make sure to be personable so your audience can connect with you. Stories also use an algorithm so make sure to post questions, use hashtags, and tag other accounts when necessary.

#2 Produce Great Content

Instagram has said again and again that the only way to truly lift your content's feed ranking is to produce great content. This means your content should either inform, educate, or entertain them.

#3 Be Social

When your audience sends you a DM or leaves a comment on a post do you respond? If you don't - well it's time to be more social.

The Instagram algorithm does not take into consideration when you reply to comments. This means that your comment will act as another comment and you will NOT be penalized for it. Instead the algorithm will think this is a post that people will want to see due to the engagement.

You must also take time to like, comment, and share other people's content. The more you give out engagement the more likely you'll receive it in return.

#4 Post Video

While the number of overall likes are usually down on your average video post it is far more likely to get comments and increase conversions then a stationary post.

People will pause their scroll to look at a video for an average of 8 seconds while a post typically only has 2-3 seconds.

#5 Post When Your Audience is Looking

Before you post always review your Instagram audience insights to better understand when your audience is online. Make sure to schedule your post around those insights. More eyes online will help your post be seen and increase engagement.

#6 Be Personable

Taking the time to write compelling captions will help you drive engagement. Don't be afraid to showcase behind the scenes of your business or your personal life even if it's in your story.


Instagram is a highly versatile platform that allows brands to engage with and sell to their online audience. With engagement being the #1 one goal of most Instagram brands, finding innovative ways to engage is more important than ever before.

All that's left is for you to create and execute your plan. Don't have time to engage your online audience contact us we would be happy to help you out.

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