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How to Create 30 Days of Instagram Posts in 1 Day!

Planning social media content can be time consuming if you do it daily or don't have a strategic plan. Creating enough content for an entire month isn't crazy! After working with multiple social media clients and myself I found a system that works!

It takes discipline and ideas. You can easily create amazing content your audience will love that can inform, educate, or entertain them.

Batch Working

Efficiency and productivity is the most important part of creating 30 posts in one day. There's nothing like working in batches. Typically I will set aside one entire day with no client meetings so I can focus on my end of things. That day is dedicated to writing, editing, and scheduling my social media content for the month.

Before starting the process of batching be sure to understand what's the best way for you to productive. Do you thrive working alone in a quiet space? Do you like being around the presence of other while you work? Is your best work done in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

I encourage to keep yourself motivated to take mental breaks through out the day. Take your lunch, go stretch, or simply don't think about work for 15 minutes.

Be committed to yourself, to your content, and to your brand. It will help you time and time again.

Content Ideas

Here are some ideas of what you can post.

  • Quotes - Posting inspirational quotes that can relate to you and your business.

  • Tips and tricks - It's important to educate your audience. Whether it's website tips, how to's, or how to make your life easier.

  • Pictures of yourself - People favour pictures of others over any other type of content. It's important to humanize your brand whether that be through your feed or story.

  • User content - Create a unique hashtag and encourage your audience to post using your product or service.

  • Products or services

  • Behind the scenes - What does your workspace like? How does your day unfold?

  • Recent work - Showcase your work to build trust and show them how you can benefit them.

  • Share a customer review.


Canva is a great tool and resource for any business. Canva lets you design, create, and publish anything from social media content, design flyers, post to Facebook or Instagram and so much more.

Canva is free but you have limited access to certain tools. For $17 CDN per month you can access tools like removing the background, more stock photos, different elements, and much more. Always stay on brand with Canva.

Schedule Your Posts

Using a scheduling app (I use Hootsuite) to store images and schedule posts. You'll have the ability to automatically schedule and publish your posts to the exact times your audience is online (please be sure to check your insights).

Here you can write your creative/copy writing, add relevant hashtags, and your clear calls-to-actions.

Instagram is the king of engagement. Want them to engage? Ask questions or give immediate value in your description.

Congrats! Now you've got all the tools needed to create 30 days of great Instagram content, shot, written, and edited in one day!

Remember content + consistency = success.

Don't have the time to focus on social media? Contact us we would be happy to help.

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