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How to Grow your Instagram Following

Instagram has officially reached more than one billion active monthly users. It is the highest engaging social media platform of them all.

With roughly 90% of personal accounts following a business on Instagram, it's more important then ever to incorporate Instagram in their business and social media strategy.

Lately, i've been sharing, liking, commenting, and trying new ways to grow BetterWave Marketing's Instagram following and it's been very successful. Instagram is my number 1 platform to reach my target audience.

Whether you're growing your own account or working on behalf of a company, please continue to read the best tactics that I use to uncover a bigger, more relevant audience on Instagram.

1. Post consistently

I recommend posting a minimum of five times a week. Only 2% of all businesses post every single day for more than two years.

The more often you post, the more likes and followers you get. Consumers want to engage with accounts that are active regularly. If you choose to post once a week people tend to take you less seriously when you do post.

Brands that get into a regular flow with Instagram posts tend to see best results short term and long term.

2. Study and use quality hashtags

Instagram is the king of hashtags. The right hashtags and location tag can expose your brand to a large targeted audience. Roughly 60% of people follow hashtags on their accounts.

A great hashtags for companies around Winnipeg is #winnipegbusiness and #winnipeglocal. Those two hashtags are our best performers!

3. Collab with others

A great way to extend your Instagram reach and grow your following is to collab with other accounts either through partnerships or sponsorships.

If you have the budget for social media sponsorships then influencer marketing may be right for you.

It's important to understand which influencer is best for your brand. Will you be targeting a micro or macro influencer? Is your company strictly local or does it expand throughout the world?

4. Hosts contests

Consumers LOVE contests. The number one thing to remember with contests is to make sure they're targeted to towards to your target market. If you're business to business offering a $100 gift card to an average consumer who would never do business with you isn't a great move.

There are a couple things to consider when hosting a contest. I run contest for multiple social media accounts and I always start with these rules.

  • Follow us

  • Tag a friend

  • Comment on this post

As an added bonus they can receive extra chances by sharing it to their story for a broader reach. Them sharing it is key for a successful contest. While tagging a friend is a nice it only typically reaches one new consumer. Getting them to share it to their story can help you reach hundreds to thousands of new people.

5. The 2 cents model

My favourite way to grow my business following! It's essentially like cracking the Instagram growth code.

I always set aside one hour of my day to use this growth hack. Essentially I give my two cents on business accounts.

First I find business accounts usually within the Winnipeg area (my target market) typically through searching hashtags. I then go on their profile like 3-5 pictures and leave a nice thoughtful comment (not spammy) on one of their pictures and give them a follow.

I do this between 30 and 90 times a day because it works and all it takes is a little effort and time.

It's important to follow back any accounts that follow you. But there's a delicate balance between the two. You don't want to have a discrepancy with 300 followers but following 1000 accounts. If that's the case when you follow an account they'll view it as almost a spammy type following and wont consider giving you one in return.

My following has grown by over 150% by using this model for 6 weeks! It truly works!

If your a small business owner that uses Instagram it's important to know that usually on Instagram to get love, first you need to give love. I think of it as i'll scratch your back first and you can scratch mine after.

Please feel free to give me a follow on Instagram @betterwave_marketing. I would love to keep this conversation going on Instagram. If you have any tips on how to grow your social media following i'd love to hear them. Feel free to send me a DM.

Please feel free to share with your entrepreneur friends! I greatly appreciate it.

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