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Instagram Guide For Your Business

Ever asked yourself "what should I post?", "How many times a week?", "What hashtags should i use?". Don't worry your not alone.

Instagram is not hard - seriously. We're here to help.

Your Goals

Posting without goals is a waste of time. Here are some things to consider to determine your goals.

  • Build trust with customers

  • Build a community

  • Find your dream clients or customers

  • Showcase your products and/or services

  • Educate people

  • Build a brand

What Should you Post About?

Rule number one. Post with purpose. Every post should help you towards achieving your goals.

Consider these three tricks when posting.

1. Post what your customers want to see.

What motivates and inspires your following to engage with you? What don't they like? What are their biggest struggles?

2. Post about what YOU would want to see as a customer.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. If you were in the market for your product or service how would you like see, learn about it, or find out about it.

3. Post about what YOU are good at.

Ask yourself what do you love to do? What is your story? What's your top product or service?

Another common problem most businesses incur is not having post ideas. Check out these ideas.

  • Tips and tutorials

  • Expert advice

  • Quotes

  • Memes

  • Before and after photos

  • Giveaways

  • Customer reviews

  • Videos

  • Q&A

  • Blog posts

  • Holidays and events

  • Employees

  • Statistics

  • Your story

What Hashtags to Use?

Hashtags are a great way for people to find your post. Essentially hashtags are free advertising.

Hashtags are very useful to get your post in front of the right eyes, people can find you because your posts are searchable, you can get featured on other people's accounts, and much more.

It's important to use only relevant hashtags. I recommend using hashtags that describe your product/service, hashtags with medium competition, and location hashtags.

How Many Times a Week Should I Post?

There is no right or wrong answer. Only 1% of all businesses have posted every single day for 2 years.

My recommendation is to pick a schedule that works for you. The key is to be consistent.

Examples of routines:

  • Post everyday

  • Post every 2 days

  • Post every 3 days

  • Post everyday of the work week (weekend off)

Tip: Use the 80:20 rule. 80% of your content should inform, educate, or entertain. 20% of your content should be selling.

Schedule Your Posts

If your a small business owner Hootsuite is a great FREE resource. Hootsuite lets you schedule your post to 3 different social media platforms at the optimal time your audience is online.

Please be sure to check weekly your audience insights to make sure your scheduling your post at the right time!

Analyze Your Performance

Analytics are amazing. You can check in a few seconds what works and what doesn't.

Ask yourself these questions:

What type of content get the most engagement?

What time and day provide the best engagement?

Tip: Your average engagement rate to post reach should be 10%. For example if your post reach 450 people you should have roughly 45 combined likes, comments, or shares.

If you understand how important social media is for business but either don't have time to properly execute or aren't properly knowledgeable we're here to help.

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