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What's a "Good" Social Media Engagement Rate?

The conversation with social media is changing. It used to be all about follower count. But with the widespread of buying followers, social media engagement rate is actually a more accurate metric for your active social media profile.

What's Social Media Engagement Rate?

The really big following count on any social media profile is usually what the average person sees as a "strong social media presence". What the untrained eye may not realize is that it doesn't mean much if their followers don't engage on their posts.

So what should a brand be looking when investigating their social media performance? How many likes, comments, and shares on the post relative to the follower count.

How do I Calculate Social Media Engagement Rate?

Yes, it's a calculation but we promise the formula is simple.

There's 2 types of calculations.

First is the engagement rate per post.

Engagement Rate Per Post =

(Post Engagement/Followers) x 100

So for example, your account has 760 followers. You check out your latest post and see the number of likes and comments is 45. (45/760)x100 = 5.92. This means your engagement rate based on the number of followers you have is 5.92%.

The second engagement is the average engagement rate on reach.

Engagement Rate on Reach =

(Post Engagement/Reach) x 100

For this you will have to view your post insights. So for example, your post has a total of 35 likes and comments and reached 319 people. (35/304) x 100 = 11.5. This means your engagement rate on reach is 11.5%.

What's a "GOOD" Social Media Engagement Rate?

The short answer is it depends. We will focus solely on Facebook and Instagram in this blog post.

Facebook and Instagram are the titans of social media but their engagement rate expectations is very different.


Facebook is the industry leader for businesses. But the engagement on Facebook is far less than it is on Instagram.

The average engagement rate per post is a lowly 0.57%. This means if you have 300 page likes the average number of engagement on your post will be 1.71. Stunning right?

The average engagement rate on reach is a slight bump up to 3.22% This means if your post reaches 300 people your post will have roughly 9.6 engagements.


Instagram is the most engaging social media platform in the world.

The average engagement rate per post is 4.7% This means if you have 275 followers the average number of engagement is 13.

The average engagement rate on reach is 10%. Far and above any other platform. This means if your post reached 110 people that you should expect an average of 11 engagements.

Statistics courtesy of Hootsuite*

What does it mean if my engagement rate is low?

If your investigating your own engagement rate and it's looking below average, ask yourself:

Is your content engaging? Ask questions, create polls, seek opinions, and get your community commenting!

Are YOU being engaging? When you receive comments try to respond as quickly as possible and start a conversation. It helps show that your post is engaging and increases the likelihood of the algorithm liking it.

Do you post too frequently? It's simple more than one post a day is too many for MOST accounts.

Do you use relevant hashtags and location tags? This formula is the best way to reach a new audience. Reach out within those tags too, it will help you grow your targeted audience.

Are you taking time to consider your brand? Ask yourself what story am I telling with every post and why would people want to engage with them? Are you focusing too much on selling rather than informing, educating, or entertaining? Be relatable.

Don't forget, on social media you've gotta give love to get love.

If you're looking to get some social media guidance we can help. Simply message us with your exact concerns and needs.

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