• Patrick Trudeau

Why I Build Squarespace Websites

After working with web platforms like Wix, Wordpress, and Squarespace one stands above the others. Squarespace.

Today, I build all my clients' websites using the Squarespace platform and encourage anyone taking the DYI route to do the same.

When it comes to my clients' goals and what they needed from their websites, Squarespace came out on top every single time.

Simplicity and Usability

My clients love Squarespace because after our project is complete, they take over their website updating and find that Squarespace is very user-friendly.

During our website design and development process, we always finish the project with a Squarespace tutorial. I will show you how to complete the basic tasks such as blogging, edit and update content, add images/text, etc.). The tutorial will take roughly an hour and in that time, we will cover everything you will need on a day-to-day basis to continue to run your website on your own.

At the same time there is much less confusion for my clients since they aren't stressed out about having to code.

This means that clients can essentially take care of their website on their own. They no longer have to depend on a developer like me to make simple changes although I do offer unlimited revisions for a small monthly fee.

Easy to Build and Maintain Websites

Squarespace is so easy to build and maintain it moving forward. The drag and drop features specifically lets you do so much without digging deep into code.

Time = money. As a designer/developer, working with the Squarespace platform means I can work faster. Without the need to code it saves me hours.

My clients prefer working with Squarespace because they are more confident updating existing pages. They understand how to move sections around, add images or text, insert banners, etc.

Design and Functionality

Squarespace also works better for my clients and I because the emphasis is on creating clean and functional sites. Along those lines, Squarespace is also content focused and clearly presented. There is less attention on bells and whistles.

Filling your site with cutting edge animations and javascript overlays, doesn't mean you need to.

Bang for Your Buck

Cost is another key reason why I set up my clients with Squarespace. With Wordpress typically you need to buy additional plugins and on going tech support.

Squarespace allows you to design and develop your website without always having to whip your credit card out to get your website to have the features and security you want.

Squarespace also offers different pricing plans so you only end up paying for the plan you need. They also offer you a 30% discount to pay annually as well as change or cancel your plan at any time.

Social Media Integration

Squarespace works well for my clients because of how well social media integrates with their websites. For example, Squarespace allows a modern Instagram photo grid which are extremely popular.

Squarespace For The Win!

I want all of my clients to run their businesses and not have to worry about their website and this is where Squarespace wins by a landslide.

After reviewing my clients' needs and goals for their websites, it became clear that Squarespace was the platform that works best for them.

If you want to see what all the hype is about, I encourage you to sign up for a free 14 day trial with Squarespace and play with the platform.

If you're looking to build or re-design your website check out our web design page for more in-depth information.

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