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Cabinet House

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Our design team works closely with each customer to determine their individual preferences in regard to layout, style, colours, materials, finishes, hardware and budget.

Cabinet House has been specializing in design, manufacture and installation of beautiful, innovative and functional cabinetry.

Working with the exact measurements of the customer’s own unique space, the cabinets that we design are built to fit perfectly within your space. We tailor all of our cabinets to fit perfectly into the space that we are working with, without overusing fillers and spacers. The result of this process of customization is a superior product both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Customization results in a streamlined product which noticeably just flows and fits “naturally” within the space that it was designed for. Customization also means that each customer is provided with the look, feel and style that they are most comfortable with. Whether it’s a style that has been admired in a print or an online publication, or a style that has been observed firsthand in person elsewhere, we can bring that look and style to your space.

The new Cabinet House LLC site uses a strong main menu and a strong footer menu to distinguish pathways for each client.

The site is customized to every breakpoint for optimal optimization.

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